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Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties Reader Testimonials

“We always enjoy Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine and are happy to share our stories. I learn something from it every time I read it and share it with our gift shop staff regularly.”
Beth Rich,
Zoo Superintendent,
Tautphaus Park Zoo,
Idaho Falls, ID

“Thanks for your magazine. I really enjoy it and learn from it monthly.”
Susan Michener,
Admission/Gift Shop Manager,
The Montgomery Zoo,
Montgomery, Ala.

“Sincere thanks for writing about us and our tea room. It meant the world to us. And we continue to be big fans of your magazine. Thank you for all the great resources you have put at our fingertips, making us truly understand that custom sells.”
Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild,
Her Majesty's English Tea Room,
Dunlap, Ill

“Thank you for your wonderful magazine. I love getting it and we do a lot of business with your advertisers. I know that their marketing money is limited, so I make sure to mention that I saw them in Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties magazine. Win-Win-Win. Everybody’s happy!”
Steve Fegley,
Director of Retail Operations,
the Science Museum of Minnesota

Mary Lou Faas, store manager, Ruth's Hallmark, Bear, Del. All the Ruth’s Hallmark stores have designated frame departments, but special displays are made to commemorate notable calendar dates.

hanks to smart phones, people take a lot of photographs these days. While many of those photos will never move beyond their digitized state, on occasion, actual images do get printed onto real photo paper. If people are going to go to the trouble, it follows they’re going to want unique frames to immortalize those images.

Richard Serata co-owns sixteen Hallmark stores along with his brother. The stores are all conveniently called Ruth’s Hallmark and are mostly concentrated in southern New Jersey, with a couple in Pennsylvania and two more in Delaware. Serata said they do a big business with Malden frames, although not so much the traditional variety. “Sentiment is important to our customers so most of the Malden frames we carry do have sentiment on them. It can be as simple as Mom or Dad or Sister imprinted on the frame but having some kind of sentiment on there adds a great deal of value to our customers,“ he said. “Traditional frames can be purchased in all the big box stores. But having a selection of sentiment frames is something a little different, given that we’re specialty and people are coming into our stores for sentiment product.“


Newcomer CORE Import Group LLC to Produce Souvenirs and Gifts

CORE Import Group LLC was founded this year by Richard Ferguson and Liberto Julianto as an avenue to produce new, exciting souvenir and gift products. This full-service designer and importer is based near Seattle. More...


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