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More of the Best Editorial Coverage for Retailers

The right vendors become partners in your business and friends and colleagues who are a source of advice on the latest merchandise trends. When these relationships are successful, the outcome can be extremely rewarding, and profitable, for retailers of all sizes. In this edition, we offer our Profiles in Excellence section where you can read about the leading vendors in the industry, companies with which you can make income-generating connections.

Shops in seaside locales, and at resorts all over the country, are prime real estate for souvenir and gift sales. In our Beach and Resort Shop Report, we examine good-selling name-dropped merchandise at these stores, and also offer a list of tips for selling more of these types of gifts.

In our expansive Zoo and Aquarium Section, we cover how to buy the best jewelry, strategies on dealing with difficult or dissatisfied customers and stocking the right home décor merchandise for greatest sales potential and outcomes.

Hospital shops are the perfect setting for selling toys and plush as patient gifts or for employees to buy and take home. This issue we look at how the shops are making the most of these important categories and also offer new product releases and news from The Toy Industry Association.

A selection of fashionable clothing can inspire good feelings for customers at all types of shops. For inspirational and new age stores, clothing takes on a special meaning and the inventory of flowing, comfortable wearables is a perfect fit for the clientele, our story found. Clothing is also a top category for college bookstores, and this issue we present a story on how to create enthusiasm from alumni and parents to buy everything from apparel to logo gifts.

Party stores deal in seasonal, quick-turning merchandise to celebrate just about any occasion. In the spring, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter generate business, and we examine how these shops are serving everyone from families to businesses in our Party Club of America Party Store Section. Also in the section is second half of the 2010 Party Stores Buyers’ Guide. See the October 2010 issue for the rest of the guide.

Licensed merchandise is big business for all types of stores. In our Minor League Baseball section, we present a story on choosing the right inventory for maximum sales in a memorable setting.

Operating a cart or kiosk in a mall presents unique challenges, namely getting customers to stop and shop. Owners and managers can get tips on how to draw in shoppers with signage and pleasant and knowledgeable staff in our Cart and Kiosk story.

We also offer articles on souvenir selling strategies at Association of Partners for Public Lands stores, and display and lighting techniques at science museum shops around the country. I hope you enjoy the issue. Please contact me at the e-mail address listed below with your comments, questions and suggestions.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.”
Christopher Reeve

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