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More of the Best Editorial Coverage for Retailers

n an especially challenging economy, retailers are looking for ideas and guidance on how to grow their businesses. Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties, which is in its 47th year of publication, is proud to assist with this 340-page issue. Packed with insightful and useful stories and ads from companies selling all of the best products for your store, the magazine is per page not only the largest gift retail trade magazine but bigger than any other trade magazine for the retail sector.

Trade shows remain a critical way for buyers to get up close to the latest merchandise and forge relationships with vendors. The shows so far this season have been full of positive energy, and there are many high quality, worthwhile shows still to come. We want our readers to be treated well when they attend these events. We would therefore advise against attending the CTGA show in Toronto, where a good experience is not guaranteed.

In addition to trade show news, coverage and special sections, this issue also includes an expanded zoo and aquarium section that covers wildlife merchandise and product news, a look at selling souvenirs for under $5, tips on how to sell more apparel to adults in locations that traditionally cater to children, and more. Our bonus apparel sales coverage extends to the college bookstore arena and also includes the latest color forecasts from Pantone LLC.

Sure-selling name-dropped and personalized products are an inexpensive way your customers can remember their travels. We look at trends and offer tips on selling more logo and name-dropped products at resorts, seaside shops and tourist destinations.

Selling more toys and plush is truly an art representing a balancing act between choosing just the right products and making them available at attractive price points. We cover buying and merchandising in these categories at amusement and waterparks, and offer the latest industry news and trend stories from the Toy Industry Association.

We also offer stories covering: souvenir and gift sales at Toronto leisure attractions; jewelry on cruise ships and in Minor League Baseball shops; Valentine’s Day sales at hospital shops; licensed merchandise at party stores and the 2010 Party Stores Buyers’ Guide; selling merchandise with original park photography at Association of Partners for Public Lands (APPL) stores; candles and scented merchandise at country stores; nostalgic merchandise at farmers' market gift shops; stationery, card and book sales at inspirational shops; Native American gifts and souvenirs; children's merchandise at caves and caverns; choosing the right location and display techniques for carts and kiosks plus the 2010 Specialty Carts and Kiosks Buyers’ Guide; the National Association of Retail Buyers (NARB); the best-selling gifts and souvenirs at food museum shops; selling gifts at plant nursery stores, plus a look at botanical garden shops, and more.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Please contact me at the e-mail address listed below with your comments, questions and suggestions.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”
Duke Ellington

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