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Peter Pan and Wendy are flying high at this Once Upon a Toy Disney Resort store, adding drama to the displays below.
he name “Disney” inspires smiles and wonder throughout the world. Both children and adults feel a connection to the Disney characters, and they seek out authentic merchandise at the Disney theme parks, on Disney cruise ships and at the approximately 220 retail stores in malls and prominent locations.

As Manager of Merchandise, Synergy and Special events for Walt Disney World Resort, Dara Trujillo oversees the development of merchandise and facilitates communication between the 300-plus retail stores at all Disney resorts on both the east and west coast of the United States and aboard the Disney cruise ships.

“I see Disney magic happen each day, and it is a wonderful feeling to see how Disney affects everyone who comes to our resorts,” Trujillo said. “When we see a child in the park hugging a Disney toy or wearing a princess outfit, it just reaffirms how much Disney means to people.“

A Disney veteran of 12 years, Trujillo has witnessed how toys and plush in the gift shops have maintained their popularity with resort and cruise guests. Considered “must haves” for children, many of the plush and toys are exclusive merchandise sold at Disney Resorts only.


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