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MARCH  2 0 1 1

c o m m e n t a r y

Gifts and Souvenirs to Fit Any Destination

For buyers, managers and owners who traveled to the winter trade shows, we hope you gathered information, inspiration and new products. The spring shows will present fresh opportunities to expand what merchandise you offer to customers.

Apparel is a top category for most stores, as clothing is a fun way for your customers to let the world know what colors they favor or what styles fit them best. For destination locations, garments take on the added meaning as a way to remember time spent relaxing, learning or just having fun, whether the trip was for a day or for a week or longer. Travelers often pick up T-shirts and caps, both for themselves or as gifts, but smart souvenir store buyers also keep their shops stocked with sweatshirts, jackets, footwear and long-sleeved shirts consumers can wear both at the location and for years to come once they have returned home.

This is our special apparel issue, and we focus on wearables at beach shops and resorts, amusement parks, independent college bookstores, Minor League Baseball fan shops and at zoo and aquarium retailers. These highly useful stories cover everything from successful buying to creating memorable displays, and we even feature a piece on choosing the perfect apparel colors to fit your demographic

Jewelry is another top category for all types of shops, and we offer stories on jewelry sales at college bookstores, inspirational shops, APPL stores and zoo and aquarium retailers, as well as news on new jewelry products in the industry.

For anyone seeking new ways to target customers to shop and buy, we offer stories on how hospital shops serve their specialized markets and the subtle strategies employed by cart and kiosk owners and employees as they seek to spark the interest of consumers who may otherwise walk by.

Each March we present our Megabucks Feature, and in this edition we offer a look at earnings and 2010 trends at a variety of stores. Additionally, in our AAM Museum Report, we feature an interesting story on souvenir selling strategies at Presidential Museums and Libraries around the country. We also cover bestselling Christmas merchandise at party stores.

In this edition you will also find the latest news and feature stories from the National Association of Retail Buyers (NARB), a piece on trends in pirate merchandise at specialty stores and museums, a story on plush and toy sales at gift stores, news from the Toy Industry Association, and an article on name-dropped merchandise

I hope you enjoy the issue. Please e-mail me at with your comments, questions and suggestions.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

“To waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.”
Tryon Edwards

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