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Assessing the Season

As the end of the summer approaches, now is a good time to look around your store, talk to your employees and engage your inventory-tracking methods to take stock of the season’s successes and failures. Also worth noting are which displays generated the most interest, and which were constantly messy and not worth the effort they required. Observing and absorbing the small details of what made your operation tick this summer can prevent headaches later and help you prepare for the holiday season.

Attending fall trade shows, and reading the 2012 Who’s Who Buyers’ Guide that starts on page 210, can also assist you in re-stocking your store and re-evaluating your merchandise as you search for the next best sellers. To help you get ready for the shows in Tennessee, we feature two special sections on pages 38 and 84.

Candles and scented merchandise can enhance your customers’ homes, especially in the fall and winter. And what better place to find unique products in this category than at one of the nation’s unique independent gift stores. See page 178 for a look at how to make the most of these gifts in a story that includes a special sidebar on this year’s top-selling scents.

The fall is also prime time for stores at colleges and universities. In the College Bookstore section starting on page 170, we examine how to succeed with licensed merchandise, including how to best display the category.

For shoppers looking for stocking stuffers or small housewarming gifts, inventively packaged candy and snacks can be a perfect fit. Country stores specialize in not just nostalgic gifts, but edible products too, and you can get a wealth of ideas on stocking this merchandise in the story on page 116.

For all types of stores, from zoo and aquarium shops to resort and beach stores, fashion accessories is a growing category. We debut a new recurring feature this issue, Fashion Accessories, where you can read about tips to do well with apparel, jewelry and handbags.

We also offer advice on stocking the right men’s gifts at hospital stores, buying the best in musical toys for your independent toy store, selling holiday and New Year’s merchandise at inspirational shops, trends in balloon sales at party stores and more.

50th Anniversary
We appreciate the letters we have received acknowledging our 50th Anniversary. If you enjoy our publication we would like to hear from you on your letterhead. Your correspondence will be kept in a company scrapbook, and may also be posted to the magazine’s website.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Please email me at with your comments, questions and suggestions.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

“All lasting business is built on friendship.”
–Alfred A. Montapert

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