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A Cheerful Giver Debuts New Accessories Line

New melters from A Cheerful Giver create a unique impulse buy that will help elevate candle sales.
Cheerful Giver Candle Company has announced the debut of a new line of home décor candle accessories to complement its more than 1,100 top-selling candle products. These new accessories meet three highly specific needs for all buyers and end users. The excitement begins with a line of jar candle stands and pillar accessories to complement both Keepers of The Light® Candles and The FÜZe™ Pillar Candle Collection. Next is a dazzling array of crackled glass accessories available in various shapes and sizes that add ambiance to A Cheerful Giver's highly fragrant votive, pillars and jar candles. Finally, is the most unique line of decorative plug-in wax melters and melts that bring design and fragrance to any room in a home.

Crackled glass accessories create ambiance for A Cheerful Giverr’s votive, pillar and jar candles.

How a candle looks and is displayed in a customer’s home has been a key initiative for the company in 2012, according to company President Tony Gross. Gross said the company has added a wonderful array of candle jar stands that include both a star and/or heart design that beautifully hold all 34-ounce and 22-ounce jar candles. In addition, two sizes of pillar holders will be offered that can be used in any season. A Cheerful Giver Candle Company manufactures over 500 different jar candles and 300 different pillar candles in a variety of shapes and designs.

A new line of crackled glass with both seasonal and year-round designs will be released this summer. The new line includes candle jar shades, large and small pillar holders and votive holders. The designs are beautifully etched into the crackled glass and are sure to add sales and profit to any retailer this year.

Attractive jar and pillar candle holders from A Cheerful Giver add uncommon style to a common candle accessory.

Offering a wonderful gift for under 15 is a key challenge for many retailers. The company’s new line of Plug-in melters exceeds that challenge. The new melters will stop customers and create a unique impulse buy that will help elevate overall candle sales. A new Owl, Pot Belly Stove, Snowman and Cross melters are being added to round out the line of melters.

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