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Leanin’ Tree Donates to Children’s and Conservation Funds

Leanin’ Tree will continue donations based on wholesale card sales in 2012. Shown are cards from the Kid Quips® line.
eanin’ Tree, Inc. has announced that it supports The Children’s Health Fund and The Conservation Fund with donations totaling $24,716. Donations were based on a portion of wholesale greeting card sales from two card lines introduced in 2011.

A portion of sales from the Kid Quips® line were donated to The Children’s Health Fund, and a portion of sales from the Your True Nature® line went to The Conservation Fund.

YooDara Included in Celebrity Gift Bags

YooDara was selected last February to be placed in the celebrity gift bags given to all performers and presenters at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. The company was excited that performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and Rhianna received the collectible toys.

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