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Surfing a Wave of Success

During 2012, Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties has offered special coverage of the magazine's landmark 50th Anniversary. The celebration continued in Gatlinburg, Tenn., on November 8 with my recognition at The Living Legends reception. I was presented with a plaque by the group, which is the National Association of the Souvenir Industry, and the magazine received high praise from Diantha Currier, national sales manager with John Hinde USA. Diantha remarked on how widely read the magazine is, on its informative and comprehensive coverage of the business and its continued growth. Her kind words were much appreciated by myself and the hard-working staff, as are the contributions Al Bass makes to the industry and The Living Legends group.

Twice a year, we bring you the Profiles in Excellence feature, and the winter installment appears in this issue. The section gives half-page advertisers a chance to write about both the history of their companies and any new or upcoming products they are offering. Readers also benefit by learning about some of the top vendors in the industry. A retailer's next big merchandise success may be found in the section, so don't forget to read the profiles.

This issue we also offer special beach and resort souvenir coverage, including stories about name-dropped surf and beach apparel, surf and beach jewelry and best resort hats, purses and scarves plus a bonus sidebar on creating successful hat displays.

In our Jewelry section, we feature articles on jewelry at hospital gift, inspirational and Hallmark stores. And in the Plush and Toys feature, you can read about educational toys at independent toy shops and small toys and party favors at party stores.

Sports souvenirs and tailgating merchandise is a huge category, and we feature exclusive coverage in our Spotlight on Sports Souvenirs section. The section covers best-selling logo merchandise at Minor League Baseball fan stores, and the overall best sellers for Major League Baseball shops. We also offer a look at the off-season strategies of sports merchandise buyers, and team apparel successes for college stores.

Also in the issue is a look at holiday and special occasion merchandise at country and general stores, souvenir best sellers at wax museums and upscale merchandise, apparel best bets and top clothing colors at zoos and aquariums.

We hope you enjoy the issue. Please email me at with your comments, questions or suggestions.

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor

“Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.”
–Paul Tournier

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