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Silver Streak Partners with The Centers for Habilitation

Silver Streak has a successful working partnership with The Centers for Habilitation, an organization that promotes the independence and self-determination of individuals with physical and developmental challenges.

Well-known gift, souvenir and crystal jewelry wholesale supplier Silver Streak, which has a focus on items made from semi-precious gemstones and minerals, has a working partnership with The Centers for Habilitation.

The group provides services that care for and empower children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities. Through the organization, individuals’ quality of life is improved, barriers to independence are alleviated and people of all ages are aided to reach their full potential.

Silver Streak, known for its themed Ore Car and Mine Shaft displays, has had continued success and expansion with their Educational Box line of gemstones and fossils. The company has developed a way to get all the packaging, printing and assembly done in Arizona, helping Americans with special needs and their families.

The Centers for Habilitation takes pride in their continuing emphasis on finding new and relevant ways to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities while promoting their independence and self-determination. Their dedicated and caring staff works to encourage more than 1,000 individuals with disabilities to make their own choices, gain confidence and control over their own lives, improve their abilities and overcome barriers to quality living.

(For more information on The Centers for Habilitation, visit see the company’s entire collection visit To request a free catalog call 800-526-9990.)

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