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n e w s  b r i e f s

Make Calico Fudge for Delicious Profits

The highly profitable Calico Fudge Retailing Program can be a winner for all types of retail operations.

Are you looking for that special item to set you apart from competitors? Then now is the perfect time to bring the highly profitable Calico Fudge Retailing Program to your location. Since 1964, the company has been helping retailers achieve success. With this fudge program, stores can make, merchandise and sell the world’s best-tasting fudge that yields average profit margins of 65 percent to 70 percent.

Because this product is branded with the store name and sold exclusively through retail locations, shops set themselves apart from the competition. When retailers become a Calico customer, they receive the most reliable equipment, best-in-class ingredients, superior training and ongoing support, as well as astute marketing and merchandising expertise.

Calico’s knowledgeable sales consultants are happy to speak to retailers about how this program can optimize sales revenue. Fudge is fun and profitable! Want to know more? Visit or call (800) 634-5345 in the USA and Canada.

Customers Are All Ears for Zoo Tails and Animal Ears

The highly profitable Calico Fudge Retailing Program can be a winner for all types of retail operations.

Zoo Tails and Animal Ears arose from eight years of commuting to The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Or more precisely, eight years of driving past the Los Angeles Zoo. Every trip had the inventor of Zoo Tails and Animal Ears thinking: an item for the zoo would be perfect, but what? Soon after, All Seasons Products Inc.’s product, in 14 animal varieties, was born.

Before long, the company received a call asking “How about some matching sets of ears?” A subsequent collaboration with Eileen Rodriguez, a member of Service System Associates, the largest zoo distributer, really put the company on the map. With success after success, the company soon went nationwide.

But the product, which is proudly American-made, is not cheap, and the pricing has given some zoos second thoughts. But by year two, business had doubled. People were buying, and they were buying American.

The company’s present lineup includes 26 species, and the most recent additions are the red panda, fennec fox and aye-aye lemur. Beyond their initial use, the company’s products have also proven themselves effective educational tools, and excellent decorations for zoo fundraisers and shops. Currently in development are the mascot ears for the El Paso Chihuahuas, and the company’s recent mascot prospects might turn out to be even bigger than its zoo business.

The company hopes to become international this year and its future couldn’t be brighter, not too shabby for a simple American-made product! For more information call (818) 848-5886, email or visit

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Conducting Fundraising Effort to Rebuild Store

The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, is holding a fundraising effort to rebuild the Nature Store, which was destroyed during a late-night fire February 17. No animals were injured during the blaze.

The program will allow donors to purchase engraved bricks that will decorate a path leading to the new shop. The bricks cost: $100 for a 4-inch-by-8-inch brick; $250 for an 8-inch-by-8-inch brick; and $500 for a 12-inch-by-12-inch brick.

A park official said it could take a year to rebuild. The park, and a second small gift store, remain open, however. On its website, the attraction extended its thanks to the responders from the Somervell County Fire Department. (For more information, call 254-897-2960.)

Kurt Adler Honored with Gift for Life’s 2014 Chuck Yancy Lifetime Achievement Award

Kurt Adler’s Howard, Karen and Clifford Adler photographed with their award at the Gift for Life 2014 Party fundraiser in New York.

Kurt S. Adler, Inc., a leading importer and designer of holiday decorations that has been in business since 1946, was honored with the Chuck Yancy Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2014 Gift for Life fundraiser, Party for Life, at the Loeb Central Park Boathouse in New York. Gift for Life is an organization that raises funds for HIV/AIDS research.

A family-owned business, Kurt Adler is run by Clifford, Howard, and Karen Adler and is a one-stop source for all wholesale holiday decoration needs. In 2014, a portion of wholesale proceeds of Kurt Adler’s Crystal Celeste Guard Hollywood Nutcracker™ will benefit Gift for Life.

G54 Design Apparel/Hat Graphix 360 Offers Souvenir Solutions and More

G54 Design Apparel/Hat Graphix 360 can meet customers’ apparel, headwear and souvenir product needs.

G54 Design Apparel/Hat Graphix 360 offers a complete package of services for all of their customers’ apparel, headwear and souvenir product needs. From start to finish, the company can provide creative design, publishing services, screen-printing, embroidery, digital printing, private labeling, product finishing, warehousing and distribution. (For more information, call (480) 279-2767, email or visit

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