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Five Baby Apparel Display Tips

Create eye-catching window displays. “We try to get creative with our window displays because they draw so much attention, especially if you have a large storefront.” - Alisha Treasure, Tiny Treasures Baby Boutique

Tell a story. “For example, we have some Easter outfits in our window, along with some spring shoes with coordinating gift items like plush bunnies, little chicks, and things like that.” - Amanda Ayers, Buttons & Bows

Keep similar styles together. “If we get one style and they’re all in the same grouping, we try to keep them together until they dwindle down until there’s just one or two left–then they hit the sale rack.” - Kendra Vickery, Spoiled Sweet Boutique

Change mannequin outfits frequently. “We have mannequins on the walls and little stand-alone mannequins, and we switch those up weekly with new outfits.” - Crystal Pollard, Bellies to Babies

Separate display areas by clothing size. “Our store is divided into two spaces, so 0-24 months is on one side, and children’s clothing is on the other.” - Kalea Harrison, Sela’s Small Couture

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